Idaho's Holiday Treasure Hunt Starts Thursday Dec 1st!

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Ready For A Holiday Adventure?

We at the Anderson Hicks Group have teamed up with local businesses and have hidden $2,500 somewhere in Bonneville County for the month of December 2022! We are also benefiting the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission and will be giving them $2,500 plus collecting non-perishables along the way. So in order to get your clues you'll have to donate certain non perishable items to our sponsors. We will announce where to get the clues multiple times a week. Follow our Instagram page or sign up below to know where to go!

A Few Ground Rules

This is a family friendly adventure and safety is our number one priority. With that said, please dress appropriately. Idaho winters are very cold and wet. Wear snow boots and warm clothes while you are out searching for the treasure. Here is a great resource on outdoor safety.


We have not and will not hide the treasure in a place that is unsafe. You will not have to climb on anything in order to find the treasure.


The treasure is in a public place. Do not trespass private property in order to search for the treasure.


Please do not dig holes in the ground anywhere. You will not need to dig in the ground in order to find the treasure box.


When searching in and around businesses, please respect their property and only visit during business hours. Refrain from disrupting the businesses in any way including pulling things off shelves, throwing things on floors or making a general mess. If hidden inside, the treasure will be easily accessible.


When you are out exploring the town, tag us on Instagram and we'll share your story!

**Anderson Hicks Group team members, close family members and friends are excluded from this event.**


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

The perfect adventure starts with a map!

Businesses That Made This Possible

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"Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate"

-Captain Jack S.

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