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2023 Holiday Hunt Starts December 1st!

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Let's Get Your Adventure On!

We at the Anderson Hicks Group have teamed up with local businesses and have hidden $5,000 somewhere in the Greater Idaho Falls area for the holidays! We will start with a riddle and map, then each clue will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until it is found. No strings attached. This is a free, family-friendly treasure hunt. Be the one to find the hidden chest and you keep the spoils! Follow our Instagram page and sign up below to know where to go!

A Few Ground Rules

This is a family friendly adventure and safety is our number one priority. With that said, please dress appropriately. Idaho winters are cold, wet and long. Be sure to wear proper winter gear e.g. a waterproof coat, cloves, hat and snow boots. It gets even colder at when the sun goes down so please be careful and stay warm out there!


We have not and will not hide the treasure in a place that is unsafe. You will not have to climb on anything in order to find the treasure.


The treasure is in a public place. Do not trespass private property in order to search for the treasure. You will never have to pay to play.


Please do not dig holes in the ground anywhere. You will not need to dig in the ground in order to find the treasure box.


We are so blessed to have such amazing trails, walkways and parks around Eastern Idaho. Treat it with respect. Leave it better than you found it. Pick up your trash and others that are left behind.


When you are out exploring the town, tag us on Instagram and we'll share your story!

**Anderson Hicks Group team members, close family members and friends are excluded from this event.**

The Anderson Hicks Group and all parties affiliated with the Idaho Treasure Hunt, including sponsoring businesses, hereby disclaim any liability for personal injury, property damage, or any other loss that may occur during or as a result of participating in the treasure hunt or related activities. Participants are responsible for their own safety and well-being while engaging in the event and are urged to exercise caution, adhere to all rules and guidelines, and use common sense throughout the entire process. By choosing to participate in the Idaho Treasure Hunt or related activities, all individuals agree to hold harmless the Anderson Hicks Group, its associates, and sponsoring businesses from any claims, demands, or actions arising from their participation in the event. This disclaimer extends to all aspects of the treasure hunt and remains in effect before, during, and after its conclusion.


Treasure Hunt Riddle

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Treasure Map

Businesses That Made This Possible

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"Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate"

-Captain Jack S.

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